What is khata?

Khata is a mutual credit account with local businesses, which allows you to purchase the needed products on credit, but this on vendor discretion.

  How do I order?

Download the Smann App from Google Play Store and Enroll yourself in the Smann community. Then list your order, get a quote, make payment and your order is ready for delivery or pick up.

  Can I track my order?

Yes, all orders are tracked in real time. You can find your order by going to the ‘Orders’ section on the app.

  How is safety conducted during Covid-19?

Smann takes safety measures very seriously to protect our vendor-partners and customers. Every delivery person will have their temperature checked before delivery and multiple times throughout the day. They will always be wearing a mask and sanitizing at regular intervals. Similarly, if you have asked for a takeaway, your package will be thoroughly sanitized and handed over by someone wearing a mask and in good health.

  How can one list their business?

If you are a vendor or home–based business and wanting to list their business on Smann, kindly checkout the ‘Smann Vendor’ website here: Click here

  Is my payment secure?

Yes, your payment is secure and safe with Smann. We have collaborated with secure payment gateways to give you a secure and seamless shopping experience.

  Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order before order confirmation using “Order section”.

  Can I edit my order after it is confirmed?

Unfortunately, you can not edit your order once it is confirmed.

  What should I do if my order is damaged/wrong?

If your order is damaged or you have received the wrong product, please contact us on and we will get it fixed at the earliest for your convenience.

  What modes of payment are accepted?

Smann accepts cash and online payment.